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What to Expect at Cramlington Chiropractic

Welcome mat

You will immediately feel at home the moment you walk in the door.

First visit

From the first contact by a patient, our trained receptionists will make you realise that you’re in good hands.

On the first visit a full medical history is taken by the Chiropractic doctor. A full examination is then performed comprised of; neurological, muscle, orthopeadic and spinal tests.

If required, digital x-rays of the spine will be taken to assess any underlying spinal damage.

The full examination will take no longer than an hour. The doctor may also carry out some treatment on the first visit along with home care advice if required.

Second visit

A thorough report of findings from the initial examination will be given one-on-one to the patient on the second visit.

The doctor will explain in detail what your problem is, if it can be treated, how long it will take to respond and the treatment package that is most appropriate for your individual condition.

Regular visits

A typical office visit lasts no longer than fifteen minutes.

The doctor will gently adjust the problematic areas of the spine, returning their normal alignment and removing any pressure from the spinal bones. Usually some decompression on a special table and massage are also used after the light manipulation.

The treatment is very gentle and the patient will feel little to no discomfort during the treatment, with most people describing it as very relaxing and pleasant.

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