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Our Cramlington Chiropractor Doesn’t Prescribe Pills

That’s because we want to treat the cause of the problem, not just the symptoms.

Many of our patients come from the communities of Cramlington, Blyth Valley and Morpeth – the majority having already tried different doctors and all kinds of medications before walking into our office.

Our Cramlington Chiropractic philosophy is simple: a correctly aligned spine helps unwanted pressure off the joints, nerves, and muscles allowing you to stay healthy.

Regular Health Checks with Cramlington Chiropractic

Only one third of our nerves have pain sensation, which is why you can’t always base your health on how you feel.

Dr James O’Malley (Chiropractor) has undergone over five years of training to become a skilled practitioner in spinal correction and maintenance. At Cramlington Chiropractic we are experienced in treating; neck, mid-back and lower back pain, sciatica, cervicogenic headaches, migraine prevention, numbness/pins and needles, joint conditions, complex postural problems, frozen shoulder and sports injuries.

Regardless of lifestyle, from childhood to adulthood everyone needs regular spinal checks to stay active and healthy. Even your car gets checked each year!

Specialist Techniques and Low Dose Xrays

Once chiropractic is described to a patient “they understand it”.
Put simply, to enjoy sound health an exact balance of the spine
and nervous system must be maintained.

We use gentle Chiropractic techniques to help make sure that your
spinal nerves are reaching every muscle, organ and gland in the body.
Misaligned bones and joints pinch these nerves causing interference
in the normal nerve function that leads to pain and disease.

If required, we have in-house Xray facilities to help us
determine the problem and tailor our approach.

Take the step toward your long-term health – call or email us today
and we look forward to meeting you soon!

Dr James O’Malley
Cramlington Chiropractor
01670 737788

Serving the communities of Cramlington, Blyth Valley and Morpeth.

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